New web site for Nemocnice Tábor a. s. hospital

We designed and imlplemented new web site for hospital of Tábor town ( including transfering content from old site into the new structure.

Basic requirements were:

- Simplicity and easy usability.
- Content administration using in-built web CMS.
- Integration with hospital information system.
- Ensuring unified look and feel all over the site and high flexibility at the same time.
- Fine-grained access rights setting down to hospital department administrators.
- Avoiding data duplicity, storing reusable information at single place so it can be presented from many pages.
- Fulltext search.

Information presented on the site can be categorized in following way:

- General information
- Information about hospital departments and its parts.
- Ambulance and visit hours.
- Contacts.
- Information about staff.

For example the main department page looks like this:

[* /images/screenshot_014.png *]

Blocks of information bordered by green color come from hospital information system:
1) Contact.
2) Staff.
3) Automatic menu of the department.

Purple borders mark information administrable in CMS:
4) Department articles.
5) Basic information about department.

Used technology:

- PHP 5.2.10
- Zend Framework 1.9
- MySQL 5
- Texy