Our services

To create successful web is complicated and requires more than just good programmers and nice design. It is important to bring customers to it and convince them to do a conversion (ordering, using contact form, making a phone call). ItPlace specialists can help you with all phases of running a web site. We will create a business-successful web.

Software development
According to recent research more than 30% of all software projects are canceled. More than 70% from the rest don't match requirements. In ItPlace we use SCRUM – set of rules and recommendations how to lead projects to successful end. Thanks to SCRUM our clients are part of the team, always know the state of application developed and gets it time exactly what they required.
Chose from list of our trainings. We train PHP (Basics of OOP in PHP, Zend Framework) and Java (Spring Framework, Hibernate).
Content moderation
To take care of discussion or blogs and protect a web against incorrect content is sometimes above possibilities of single man. You can pay for someone to help you. A team of professional moderators who will watch your web and accept or reject user content. Or you can try ItPlace Moderation, product we built on the base of our experience with community portals. You can leave all the troubles with user content moderation on us.