Čočkovník.cz is specialized internet shop with color contact lenses. Its main added value are photos of eyes uploaded by users. Users can search photos based on color of eye they would like to achieve.

Čočkovník.cz was launched in half of August 2009. We were looking forward to start implementing it. Project's operator is Maternia company. The goal of the project was to create e-shop specialized for color contact lenses. Whole structure of the pages is tailored to this range of goods.

There are photos of color lenses users by each color. Photos are uploaded by registered users and they are validated before publishing on the web. People whose photo is accepted gets a discount for next purchase.

Accepted photos are also automatically published at Čočkovník on Facebook site and at Čočkovník on Flickr site. We used Facebook Connect technology to implement user registration and commenting photos and products on the web.

Čočkovník.cz uses our solution ItPlace Eshop. Ordering module communicates using REST interface with VašeČočky.cz server where is central storage database.

Recently ItPlace provides online marketing, support and a implementation of new features.